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1. LED OT and Surgery Lightning

Dutch Health Solutions provides innovative Swiss manufactured LED OT and surgery lightning systems including pendant systems.

The LED systems  are unique in the lightspectrum quality such as color rendering and colour temperature, touch less hygienic adjustments, light fields related to work distances and full aluminium body shell.

2. Medical Lighting Pendant Systems

Dutch Health Solutions provides innovative Swiss manufactured  pendant systems. The pendant systems are designed and selected for there specific use. Alle celling pendants for OT lighting have small light weight arms can be designed in almost any type of size and from 1 to 4 arms from one central axis.

All pendants for OT and surgical lighting are designed with drag contacts and are able to be used with video systems.

3. Medical Celling Supply Units

Dutch Health Solutions is in close corporation with high end suppliers of celling supply units which are flexible in there design, ergonomic, all details are integrated by actual best practice, easy to maintain and cost effective. 

The team of DHS designs in close corporation with the enduser all details from type and number of arms up to all conectivity details. The celling supply units are individual and dedicated designed for any type of operating room, emergency and intensive care unit.

DHS has developed heavy duty celling pendants for monitoring in Hybride OT's

4. Accessories

For the use of LED OT and surgery lightning there is a wide range mounting solutions and mobile stands available as well as integrated camera and video systems. For the medical celling units all common accessories available as well as springarms for monitoring systems.

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